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This is my PS3-based interactive theme. If you own one or have played on one before you're probably familiar with the Cross Media Bar (XMB). The Xbox 360 has something similar to it and I'll emulate that soon enough. The controls are pretty straightforward: use your keyboard arrow keys, WSAD keys, or click on the icons in the navigation menu and the content will automatically update.

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Patrick James Fontillas

I'm a web developer for The New York Times. I like to stay in and play with computers and video games but that doesn't mean I can't be social or friendly! If you play any games with me you'll find that I'm very team-oriented;often times you'll find me in a support role (medic, scout, etc.). There's a good chance you'll start finding me at meetups, conventions, and events for computer/web nerds and such!

I studied Computer Information Systems and graduated from Bradley University (in Peoria, IL) on May 14th, 2011 and flew out to New York to begin working for the Times by May 16th! Time sure does go by fast, and even more-so when you're spending it with the love of your life!

I met Ashley Huston at Bradley University halfway through freshman year and three years later (August 16th, 2010) we were engaged. Our wedding date was June 2nd, 2012 and now we're happily married! If you want to know more about the proposal and wedding please visit our wedding website.



Screenshot of SQLite UI

SQLite UI is one of my latest projects that I plan on providing support for as well as open-sourcing so others can contribute. SQLite UI is a web app I created to help create and maintain SQLite databases. I needed something I could quickly and easily deploy in projects that I'm rapidly prototyping or building out web apps/sites that make heavy use of SQLite in favor of other SQL databases. I even hope to make it extensible so that it can be used as the base for other web apps/sites; possibly as an admin section or something similar.

Tags: SQLite, PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript


Screenshot of Compress

Compress is one of my first projects where I make use of SQLite UI. I saw all the different URL shorteners out there and thought to myself: "Hey... I can do that!" Thus, I set out on the journey to create my own URL shortener. I want this project to be open source as well so that others may benefit from the knowledge of how these URL shorteners can work while also maintaining privacy over what one shares. I hope to add additional features such as analytics tools and load balancing support.

Tags: SQLite UI, SQLite, PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, JavaScript


Screenshot of Modevious

Modevious is a project with the goal of packaging JavaScript libraries, extensions, and plugins that provide features and functionality that should be readily available for developers working on the front-end of a web site or application. I have actually had to pull on the reigns for this project as it had started to become bloated and over-reaching. It will go back to it's roots of simply providing tools instead of trying to force a process or provide functionality that does not fit with our initial goal.

Tags: PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript

Shape Cosmetic Surgery

Screenshot of Shape Cosmetic Surgery

Shape Cosmetic Surgery is a web site I designed for a client that wanted to maintain their own web pages and image galleries. Powered by WordPress, it's a simple, lightweight approach to having an online presence for your company. They've gone on to maintain their own content and modified their design where they saw fit. What you see is a screenshot of the original home page with rotating images.

Tags: WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript

Frozen Synapse

This game is a turn-based tactical shooting game. Each player gives orders to their respective team and try to anticipate what their opponent will do. When all orders have been submitted they are carried out and the results are rendered. Wash, rinse, repeat and you've got a fairly addictive game for those looking to tickle their brain.

Frozen Synapse Unfair StartFrozen Synapse Unfair Start
Frozen Synapse FlawlessFrozen Synapse Flawless

Killing Floor

This game is a no non-sense, zombie horror shooting game. Well, there is occasionally some non-sense but most of the time you're serious and trying to stay alive. It features a respectable number of weapons and enemies and is paired with an addictive perk/leveling system that will keep you coming back for more.

Killing Floor Zerk wave 10Killing Floor Zerk wave 7
Killing Floor Zerk wave 10Killing Floor Zerk wave 10

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